Chuqualataque, one of the lesser known Cherokee chiefs, was born into the Paint Clan as “Blue Hawk,” probably in the early 1760s. This clan was the kin group of many noted Cherokee chiefs, including Dragging Canoe and Hanging Maw. Chuqualataque, also known as Doublehead, grew up in the Chickamauga town of Running Water, and his early years were undoubtedly disrupted by frequent fighting over British and later American interactions. As a result of these incessant conflicts and the atrocities committed by all sides, Chuqualataque and a small band of Cherokee warriors began raiding throughout East Tennessee and the Cumberland River area. His band was responsible for many acts of frontier violence, including an attack that killed three nephews of General John Sevier.

By the late 1790s Chuqualataque became more reconciled to increasing American settlement and attended treaty negotiations at Holston and Tellico, as well as at Washington, D.C. During these treaty talks, he arranged concessions favorable to his interests, including Fort Southwest Point ferry payments and large personal concessions in cash and goods. At the Second Tellico Treaty in 1805 Chuqualataque signed over all Cherokee claims to the Upper Cumberland lands for large personal land concessions. Following this, while he attended the Annual Cherokee Ballgame near the Hiwassee Garrison, he was attacked by Major Ridge and others. Wounded in the jaw and arm, he fought fiercely but was eventually tomahawked to death.

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