Entry Old New
Clement, Frank G.OldNew
Clifton PlaceOldNew
Cline, PatsyOldNew
Clingman’s DomeOldNew
Clinton Desegregation CrisisOldNew
Cloar, CarrollOldNew
Coca-Cola Bottling CompanyOldNew
Cocke CountyOldNew
Cocke, WilliamOldNew
Cockrill, Ann Robertson JohnstonOldNew
Cockrill, Mark R.OldNew
Coe, Frederick H.OldNew
Coe, Levin HudsonOldNew
Coffee CountyOldNew
Cohen, StanleyOldNew
Cohn, WaldoOldNew
Colditz Cove State Natural AreaOldNew
Cole, Edmund W. "King"OldNew
College FootballOldNew
Colley, Clarence KelleyOldNew
Collierville, Battle ofOldNew
Colored Agricultural WheelOldNew
Colored Farmers’ Alliance and Laborers’ Union, TennesseeOldNew
Colored Man’s Applications for PensionOldNew
Columbia Race Riot, 1946OldNew
Columbia, Battles atOldNew
Colyar, Arthur St. ClairOldNew
Commerce and Urban DevelopmentOldNew
Commonwealth FundOldNew
Community CollegesOldNew
Confederate Soldiers’ Home and CemeteryOldNew
Confederate VeteranOldNew
Conley, Sara WardOldNew
Contraband CampsOldNew
Convict Lease WarsOldNew
Cook, AnnieOldNew
Cook, James B.OldNew
Coon CreekOldNew
Cooper Jr., William PrenticeOldNew
Cooper v. StateOldNew
Cooper, Duncan BrownOldNew
Cooper, JereOldNew
Cooper, Washington BogartOldNew
Cordell Hull Birthplace and Museum State ParkOldNew
Cornwell, DeanOldNew
Cotton GinsOldNew
Country Music AssociationOldNew
Country Music FoundationOldNew
Country Music Hall of Fame and MuseumOldNew
Cove Lake State ParkOldNew
Cox Mound GorgetOldNew
Cox, ElizabethOldNew
Cox, John IsaacOldNew
Crab Orchard StoneOldNew
Crabb, Alfred LelandOldNew
Craig, FrancisOldNew
Craighead, Thomas BrownOldNew
Cravens HouseOldNew
Creek War of 1813 and 1814OldNew
Crockett CountyOldNew
Crockett, David "Davy"OldNew
Crump, Edward Hull "Boss"OldNew
Cumberland CompactOldNew
Cumberland CountyOldNew
Cumberland FurnaceOldNew
Cumberland Gap and Cumberland Gap National Historical ParkOldNew
Cumberland HomesteadsOldNew
Cumberland Mountain State ParkOldNew
Cumberland Presbyterian ChurchOldNew
Cumberland RiverOldNew
Cumberland Trail State ParkOldNew
Cumberland UniversityOldNew
Cumberland University Law SchoolOldNew
Cummings, James H.OldNew
Cunningham, Sumner A.OldNew
Curb, MikeOldNew
Currey, Richard OwenOldNew
Cushman, Nancy Cox McCormackOldNew
Dabney Jr., Charles W.OldNew
Dance CompaniesOldNew
Dance: Clogging and BuckdancingOldNew
Dandridge, Battle ofOldNew
Daniel Jr., Rollin A.OldNew
Dark Tobacco District Planters’ Protective AssociationOldNew
Daughtrey, Martha CraigOldNew
David Crockett Birthplace State ParkOldNew
David Crockett State ParkOldNew
David HalberstamOldNew
Davidson CountyOldNew
Davidson, DonaldOldNew
Davies ManorOldNew
Daviess, Maria ThompsonOldNew
Davis Bridge, Battle ofOldNew
Davis, Anne M.OldNew
Davis, CliffordOldNew
Davis, Louise LittletonOldNew